'Senior Management sincerely interested in employee wellbeing' is the number one global driver for Employee Engagement....  Engaged employees generate 43% more revenue than disengaged  The Return On Investment (ROI) for Health and Wellbeing programmes is circa 600% on reduced medical costs and reduced absenteeism alone...  Business benefits of Health and Wellbeing programmes include reduced Absenteeism, reduced Presenteeism, enhanced Employee Engagement, reduced Health and Medical costs, reduced Litigation, Employer of choice status, Improved Productivity, improved Talent Retention and Recruitment, enhanced Productivity and Performance, increased Attractiveness to Investors, and improved Brand Image.


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PEAR Director publishes paper on Transformational Change in the Workplace – click here for full details

Transformational Change in the Workplace

My colleague and PEAR Co-Founder, Alex Howard has published a paper on transformational change in the workplace. Transformational change is a particular specialism and passion for Alex, and his research and expertise further reinforces PEAR’s expertise and cutting edge position in the Organisational performance and health and wellbeing sectors. The paper was published in peer reviewed …

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Want to get CEO engagement in a health and wellbeing programme?

Since Alex and I founded Pear in 2012, we have been at pains to emphasise the business case for educating employees around their lifestyles and work styles. We’re not about helping organisations tick the box entitled ‘employee wellbeing’. Yes, we are helping to discharge a duty of care, but first and foremost our work is …

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